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Quad Biknig


Ride a Motor Quad is a best way to explore the Sahara Desert You can rent moto quad and ride yourself on the dunes and in the region . We can provide you guidance and tips that will turn your Quad adventure even more exciting . You can drive your Motor Quad right from the front of our Camp into the dunes and have great fun.

Here are Highlights of the Merzouga Quad Biking
– Ride a Moto Quad yourself
– Explore the Sahara & Dunes
– Experience the thrill of racing across sand dunes on a quad bike

Exhilarating Adventure

Quad biking in Erg Chigaga offers an adrenaline-filled experience through vast sand dunes, perfect for adventure seekers.

Breathtaking Desert Views

The quad biking tour provides awe-inspiring views of the Sahara Desert’s expansive beauty. Participants get to witness panoramic vistas, capturing the grandeur of the desert landscape, and creating memorable experiences surrounded by nature’s breathtaking spectacle.

Safety and Quality Equipment

Enjoy peace of mind with our new quad bike fleet and the provision of safety helmets. The tour prioritizes safety, ensuring participants are equipped with quality gear to enhance their riding experience while maintaining a secure environment.

Preservation of Tranquility

Embarking on an exhilarating quad biking excursion, miles away from the residence, we maintain an oasis of calm for our guests. Our deliberate choice ensures that thrill-seekers can revel in the excitement of off-road adventures while preserving the peaceful sanctuary of our accommodations.