With Gnawa

Visit Khamlia Village: Visit the Gnawa village of Khamlia, known for its unique music and dance performances, which are a blend of sub-Saharan African and Moroccan influences.

activities offers a plethora of exciting and enriching activities that allow you to experience the awe-inspiring beauty and unique culture of the Sahara.

Gnawa performance: When you visit Khamlia Village, you’ll have the opportunity to witness live Gnawa music and dance performances. Local musicians
and dancers gather to showcase their vibrant and soulful rhythms, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
Spiritual and healing traditions: The Gnawa have spiritual practices involving trance-like states and rituals for healing and protection. Music and dance
play an important role in these ceremonies, helping participants connect with the spiritual world.
Hospitality: The Gnawa community has a reputation for warm hospitality and visitors are often welcome with open arms. You may have the opportunity
to interact with the locals, learn about their traditions and even join in the dancing if you feel like it.