Luxury camp in Merzouga desert

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The open gate to the biggest Sahara Desert

Merzouga is the open gate to the best Sahara Desert along North Africa which located in Southeast of Morocco. A luxury camp in Merzouga desert would be unique to people who like to travel. Indeed, Merzouga has a golden sand and a high sand dune; however, some of individuals would think that the Sahara is a barren land and poor in term of technologies or maybe they might think that life in the Sahara is like an ancient life; maybe that’s true about other Sahara deserts. Indeed, you can find a high qualified hotels adapted to the luxury hotels with a big and beautiful swimming pools.

The Amazigh hospital

Merzouga desert is a hospital for Amazigh people and because of tour trips in Merzouga the idea of burial in the sand become widely spreading among the visitors around the world. So, if you are an adventure lover and you like going throughout new experiences the luxury camp in Merzouga desert is the best option for you.

1000 Kasbah

Along the Moroccan’s southeast road, a 1000 of the most beautiful Kasbahs you can ever see are located there. And, while you are driving to the desert of Merzouga you will have a wonderful tourism memory by enjoying the beautiful architecture of the Kasbah which carries a lot of old stories also represents one of the historical memories of Morocco. For instance, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, which located in Ourzazat, is one of these beautiful Kasbah which won a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987. Moreover, the traditional architecture of the Amazigh houses there will let your soul feel calm and happy, because you will see the simplest life carries lot of happiness and also, because it’s 100% safe.

The Global Sahara or The African Hollywood

Since Ourzazat continues to preserve the ancient heritage of the desert, thousands of movies were filmed there especially the ones which has a historical background or events (for instance the previous wars). The Man Who Would Be King (1975), the famous movie of The Mummy (1999) and the new serial of The Game of Thrones, the most famous one now; however, all these movies and more were filmed in Ourzazat Sahara Desert. Thus, make Moroccan Sahara Desert well recognized in the whole world. Actually, Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou is called the African Hollywood. Yet, on your way to have a luxury camp in Merzouga you will discover all of that.

In Addition,  Merzouga is one of the best places for world Marathon Race which was hold many times there. However, the 4X4 race is taking place here so that, several candidates from different countries participated because it’s now one of the recognizable races all over the world.

The Magical and Diverse Landscape Views along the Way to Moroccan Sahara Desert 

Moroccan landscape and climate are multiple and diverse; where in  Merzouga the climate is hot in the summer, mild in autumn and cold in winter. Also, along the path to Merzouga there are a high mountain (such as the Gorges Valley) and a very big rocks in different colors; however, you will not see the air pollution of the factories because it doesn’t really exist so, you will enjoy the pure air. All what we have already mentioned and more will let you discover why your tour trip would be a luxury camp in Merzouga desert.

Long & A Rose Valleys

Along the way to Merzouga you will see a long river so you may think that it’s unlimited; this place called Dedes Valley. Then, you might smell nice and beautiful and that’s how you know that you are in the rose valleys. Kalaat M’ gouna or Kaser Megouna is the capital of rose because its rose production is the largest in Morocco. Also, there are a national day of rose held on May in Kalaat M’gouna.

Discover the Simplest and most Generous People while You’re on Your Way to Luxury Camp in Merzouga Desert

Berber or Amazigh people are the settlers of the southeast of Morocco. Life in the southeast of Morrocco is simple and the people there are generous and cool; however, and even you’re a foreigner they will let you feel one of them. Some people along the way to Merzouga Desert may offer you a sleep night in his personal home or maybe a breakfast, lunch or a dinner.  the American actor Vin Diesel in on an American TV show talking about his experince in Morocco while he was filming in one of his movies exactly in Merzooga said, “It was a great experience; life here is simple but people who live there are happy, I have never seen such generous people like them”.

The Golden Sand Dunes

When you start seeing the golden sands, you’re in the Moroccan Sahara. Some of sand dunes is really high it might reach 150m; so that, you will see it within 40 kilometers. After arriving to Sahara desert you would like to rest because you had a long driving; also, to feel vital and have a great energy to discover the Sahara. the luxury camp in Merzouga desert offers you several luxury hotels: here is the most famous one Residencemerzouga.


Camel trekking is one of our activities

Luxury Hotels & Restaurants  

The hotels in Merzouga are something unbelievable. However, the way they were built is a combination of traditional and modern qualities, those who create these hotels must be geniuses. Services are great and well organized in both hotels and restaurants; most of food dishes are Moroccans by a Moroccan cooks but they can serve foreign dishes as well. Anything you could imagine; you can have it with Residencemerzouga which is working hard to make the visitors have a luxury camp in Merzouga desert.

Erg Chebbi high Sand Dunes

Actually, there are lot of famous places in Merzouga desert but Erg Chebbi could be the most famous one. Erg Chebbi sand dunes could be reach in, after 152 meters, 500 feet from Residencemerzouga hotel. The sand dunes in Erg Chebbi are really high; some of the dunes could reach 150m so that, it is normal if a person see it within a 40 kilometer. Lot of activities can be experienced in Erg Chebbi sand dunes such as: driving a Quad and buggy bike or a 4X4 also you may want to flay at the top of the sand dunes.

You Can Experience a Great Adventure while You’re Enjoying Your Luxury Camp in Merzouga Desert 

As there’s surfing at the sea, in Merzouga there is sands surfing (Sand boarding) which will be enjoyable for people who try it for their first time. Also, you may want to experience the burial in the sand it is famous in Merzouga desert. And if you are a swimming lover still, you can do it in Merzouga. Driving a 4X4, Quad bike or the Buggy bike would be great for motor and car’s lovers. What make this experience special is the sand dunes so, you can see the sand flying; and even if you don’t know how these bikes are driven, you will find a professional driver there who will let you have this great experience. All these activities and more can be offered by Residencemerzouga.

 The Symbol of The Sahara is Camel trekking

You cannot have a luxury camp in Merzouga desert without trekking a camel. Not like pets, camel is an expensive animal not everyone can own one also has a specific place for living which is the desert. So, while you have your luxury camp in Merzouga desert, take the chance to experience this activity. Also, it might be the best way for exploring the beauty of the Merzouga’s Sahara. Yet, Residencemerzouga invest in camels to offer this opportunity to its dear customers.

I Dare You to Resist the Panoramic Views of The Sunset & the Sunrise in your luxury camp in Merzoug desert

Riding a camel in the desert toward the Erg Chbbi sand dunes to have the night there for two magical views: the sunset and sunrise. Your tour guide will guide you to attend one of the greatest moments in the luxury camp. After attending a calm and awesome sunset, you may want to have night in the desert.  Thus, the sky at night in the desert could be unbelievable: you can see a radioactive glitter because the sky become full of beautiful stars so, you feel its day not night. In other words, you can see almost everything in the desert because of the star’s light. However, and while you are waiting the very beginning morning to not miss the panoramic view of sunrise, you would love to test the Berber tea enjoying with a traditional Berber music which based on drums and guitars.

After exploring Merzouga’s Sahara Desert, your luxury camp in Merezouga desert still not ended

There are lot of traditional customs and tools in the southeast of Morocco that are wonderful. Morocco, is known with culture diversity and multi-racial; however, Southeast (especially Merzouga) has a multiple Traditionals which couldn’t be found in another place. Indeed, there are different ethnics in Merezouga: Moroccan Berber or Amazigh people some of them are originally from Mali and Mauritania, and also there is the Arab; all together are living in peace which is awesome. Additionally, they dress very special. The Jellaba or Daraia (the Sahraoui’s Jellaba) also, the very long and wide scarf  (chach A-Sahraoui) with a beautiful traditional sandal; these are the daily clothes for Merzouga’s people.

You can visit their traditional souks (big traditional Markets) for having a souvenir from the beautiful Merzouga. Where you can see a colorful tool well organized by the sellers, all people there are kind with a very big and adorable smile and speaks nice. And, when you’re discovering the big traditional souk, you may hear lot the word ‘Welcome’; that shows how happy they are because of your visit. As a tourist, the first thing you might ask about before any tour trip is the prices in the targeted place; however, prices in Morocco generally are cheaper, and in Merzouga it could be cheaper more; so that, you don’t have to be concerned with prices because your money will allow you to have a such luxury camp in Merzouga desert.

Food in the desert of Merzouga

Of course, and while you’re searching about camping in Merzouga desert, you may ask about the Moroccan food and the most common dishes they serve. Moroccan cuisine is universally recognized and also, lot of greatest cuisine chefs all over the world are Moroccans such as: Najat Kaanache, Chef Moha, and Mourad Lahlou etc. Madfouna  or Moroccan Pizza, is a traditional and delicious dish originated in southeast of Morocco which means that camping in Merzouga will allow you to test Madfouna. Also, Couscous is the most common between the Moroccan families especially in Friday; however, Tagine can be the main dish of Moroccans made by widely selected vegetables and eaten with Moroccan bread (khobz). If you stayed for long time in Merzouga you may be addicted to Moroccan mint tea it’s a daily traditional drink for friends and families; actually, there is no such meeting or occasion without tea. What make the Moroccan tea very special (especially the one who made by the Sahraouian), is the way it is made.

After Being aware of Life in Merzouga desert, still you doubt having a luxury camp in Merzouga desert? 

It’s really hard to choose the right place for camping, and which is adaptable to all of your concerns; yet, it can be easier with us. Actually, our main goal as a work team is to make everything easier for you and also, to show you the best option you can have for camping in Merzouga desert. Additionally, the most people who can provide you with all the information you must know about any place before you go there, are the ones who live in there, because they know everything about it. So that, you have to make sure that all the information included in this article are 100% trusted. Actually, the main source of the information is people who live in the desert of Merzouga.