That’s what a normal person would think of a desert life!  

Desert life can be difficult, as there is little food and water. However, plants, animals, and humans have adapted to survive in the desert in many different ways. 


Do you think that you can live in a hot desert? As anyone who has been to a desert knows, deserts cannot sustain any kind of life because of the arid climatic conditions. How can any plant or animal resists death in such a climate? 


For sure, there are other creatures in the desert besides camels and cacti. In fact, the earth’s deserts have a history of thriving civilizations and a total population of nearly one billion people. 


You are wrong if you believe that deserts as a waste of land and have no useful resources. Deserts are really a source of a comfortable stay and a great choice for holidays for time-relaxing, experiencing new adventures also live an unforgettable time. However, if we think of the Arabian Desert (Middle East) which contain an essential reserve of oil all over the world as well as a useful economic resource. 


By the time you finish reading this article, your opinion of the usefulness of the desert will have changed. In particular, we will explore the golden desert of Merzouga in Morocco and the desert life in this charm land that would defiantly surprise you. 

Desert of Merzouga 

Merzouga, a small village on the edge of the desert, owes its fame to the high dunes of Erg Chebbi, which stretch to its edge. The dunes of Merzouga, the benchmark for adventure tourism in Morocco, are a popular destination for travelers who want to immerse themselves in a desert landscape that is as impressive as it is impressive. 


Where’s the Desert of Merzouga 

In southeastern Morocco, 50 km from Erfoud, arriving at the village of Merzouga is a pleasant surprise. After crossing a magnificent and varied landscape, an unforgettable panorama opens before you: the dunes of Erg Chebbi. Depending on the time of arrival, they are covered in yellow or ochre, which changes during the day. 


Camel trekking is one of our activities

Desert life in Merzouga 

Forget about nomadic desert life, uncivilized people and hard living! Merzouga desert is unlike. Since it is an important tourism destination, Merzouga’s development get raised quickly in all areas: hotels, restaurants, transportation, tour services, and different enjoyable desert’s activities etc. All that is for offering visitors a comfortable camp in desert and better conditions for staying.  

Residence Merzouga is a great example of a suitable hotel that new traveler dream of. You can find simple and traditional rooms, royal rooms and also luxury rooms. Better conditions such as: good service, well-organized restaurant, free WIFI for the clients… 


Food in desert of Merzouga 

The first thing people ask about when they are about to discover a desert life is food. However, you may think for a while that it is slightly less.  

People of Merzouga are same as all the other Moroccans! The daily meals are Tea, Bread, Tagine, Coscous, Soup (H’rira), etc. But the famous stuffed bread ‘Medfouna’ is specialized Merzouga and the region.  

Be sure that the Moroccan cuisine is one of the greatest in the world. You can find restaurants that are highly prestigious also look royal serving different meals from different cultures.  

In the desert of Merzouga you will find all kind of food and drinks; you can also find your favorite recipe. If not, you can ask for there are international cook chefs whom they will make it for you. 

Personally, I highly recommending you to taste Moroccan food specially the traditional ones. Since you’re experiencing a unique travel, you have to discover all what it may make this experience an unforgettable one. Food is part of the culture that is differ from one country to another. It seems worthy to explore food of a desert life while you’re in Merzouga.  

Clothing of Desert Life  

What may surprise you for the first contact with the inhabitants of Merzouga is the way of dressing. Abayya, Jabadour and wide clothes are the most worn in desert.  

Because of the hot weather in desert at the day, there are special clothes that are chosen in this climate’s conditions. So, people prefer wide clothes with colors that are reflecting the sun’s rays including: white, blue, yellow etc. Summer Sash also is used lot in desert called the Sahraoui’s Sash. A very long one covered both face and head to protect the person from the hot sun and to walk comfortable in desert.  

On some clothes you will see the symbols of desert such as the camel, palm tree, or desert. It makes it looking stylish on the person also traditional. If you’re wondering where you can find such clothes as these one, there are lot of Berber shops on along the way to the desert also there is a small village called Rissani known with its big souk where you can find desert’s clothes. 

In addition, desert at night is getting little cold and sometimes getting frozen so you should take it to consideration and be sure to have clothes of winter.  


Animals that can be Found in Deset  

Camel is the traditional symbol of desert also the best way to discover such landscape. Of course, visiting Merzouga’s desert is incomplete without trekking camel.  

What make the camel stand in desert is its ability to restore water for a long time. So, you can experience a stroll among desert’s sea-sands on the camelback; it will lead you to almost all over the desert. 

There are also poisonous reptiles and insects that can be found in desert but rarely snapped also the inhabitants are used to live with it.   

Read more on Camel Trek experience. 


Kinds of Plants that survive in Desert Life 

Date palm tree is like the camel both can restore water so that it’s obviously found in Merzouga’s desert and the region. Date is an essential fruit in almost all Berber houses also essential for occasions (for instance weeding), welcoming guests or new visitors; served in a dish with milk. 

Cacti are not the only plants that can grow in the desert. Other plants include mesquite, sage, shrubby grasses, and creosote shrubs. An interesting aspect of desert plants is their longevity. In fact, many desert plants live only one year or one season.  



Desert can be the best destination for people who like to go through adventures and new experiences. The beauty of desert breaks visitor’s heart and for others it may be a shock when they have a background on desert life which is defiantly unlike reality. 

Plan your desert tour for unique experiences, discovering Morocco’s Sahara, and learn about desert life. 

If you’re thinking of visiting Merzouga’s desert for camping, you can contact Residence Merzouga to get a comfortable stay along your holiday’s duration.