Beef Tagine with Prunes – Delicious Moroccan Tagine

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‘Come and see one of the awesome recipes in the world: Beef Tagine with Prunes; the Tagine which Reached the Moon’

Moroccan cuisine is one of the greatest cuisines all over the world. Dishes and desserts in the Moroccan cuisine are delicious and also divers. However, the traditional food is the most Moroccan’s choice; and also because of tourism, it is now common among people all over the world. Unlike other countries which were ruled by the Ottoman Empire and were influenced by their civilization, Morocco has been succeeded in preserving its civilization and culture; including the Moroccan food dishes. These are the most common Moroccan recipes: Couscous, bread on the Moroccan way (Khobz),Moroccan tea, Madfouna, Bestila, Kaab l-Ghzal, Marrakech Tangia, and the most loved one is Moroccan Tagine (all these above-mentioned dishes are originally Moroccan, but there are some Arabic countries which are being influenced by the Moroccan cuisine). However, beef tagine with prunes is much greater and has an irresistible taste.

The Traditional Moroccan Tagine

The history of tagine goes back to the ancient time; some anthropologists and historians said that, the history of tagine starts in the last 1000 years ago from now by a Moroccan Amazigh (Berber). So, the Amazigh of north Africa are the first people who use tagine for cooking different recipes and it was known as “Tad jinn” which go based on the way it’s made (made of earthenware) and also, because it’s used for both cooking and serving in the same time. While, a beef tagine with prunes is a new tagine recipe.    

From what Exactly Do We Get a Tagine

A tagine is a cone-shaped cooking vessel originally made and used in Morocco; it is made of either ceramic or unglazed clay (special kinds of earthenware). Traditionally, tagines and after the earthenware reach the final design, a normal circular dish but much deeper with a cover which look like a dome (the much its cover is big, the much tagine can contain a lot of vegetables and beef). However, there are two tips of Tagine: first one is Cooking Tagines (the ones which used for cooking), and the second one can be used in decoration or as a beautiful dish for serving a special recipe. Beef tagine with prunes always cooked in tagines which made from metal or flameproof glazed ceramic.

That’s What You Should Know about The First use of Any Tagine

Indeed, and before using tagine on the fire for cooking, you should first put water inside tagine for a long time (about 24 hours), oil can be used also or you can simply paint it inside using the grease. After that, you can select one of the recipes you would like to cook and put tagine over a slow fire; all these processes are for only one reason which is to make sure your tagine won’t be cracked while it’s on fire.

Method of Making a Tasteful Beef Tagine with Prunes

To begin with, wash your tagine using your hands; don’t put it on the washing-machine with other plates. Then, chopped the onion; put it inside tagine and put it on slow fire after that, cook the onion and spices all together, added little of honey with little of lime to get a melliferous onion. Also, Add the beef and pour over a little of oil, then cover with the lid. Preferably, not to put lot of water or you may not use it at all since the tagine made steam. When you see the steam coming from your tagine, it’s time to add prunes, raisin, almond and sprinkle your tagine with sesame seeds. Wait about 50 minutes to 1hour maximum, then get your sweet beef tagine with prunes.

The Magical Mixed-spices of Beef Tagine with Prunes

  1. Teaspoon of turmeric
  2. Teaspoon of cinnamon
  3. Teaspoon of ginger
  4. Teaspoon of black pepper
  5. Pinch of saffron (crocus)
  6. 2 garlic clover
  7. 4 large spoons of Tuberous chervil
  8. 4 teaspoons of Parsley
  9. Pinch salt

Remark: you can use the same Mixed-spices with other tagine recipes. 

How to Make a Chicken Tagine

The Moroccan chicken tagine could be little different than a beef tagine with prunes in terms of cooking.

  • Firstly, we put our chicken with spices and onions, we mix it all together, and we fry it in our tagine for few minutes.
  • Then, we add half-glass of water before we cover it with its lid.
  • When the steam started spreading from the tagine, you can add now vegetables; each one according to his/her taste.
  • Additionally, you cover your tagine and make sure it’s on slow fire.
  • Finally, tagine is serving immediately after cooking

Remark: a chicken tagine may not take a long time to be cooked as the beef tagine with prunes.

Moroccan Meatballs Tagine with Green Olives

For having a meatballs delicious tagine with olives, you should follow the structures of preparation:

You bring two or three big onions chopped finely, and put them on your clay-tagine. Then, over a little of oil and let your onion until it becomes fried (from time to time add some water to make sure your onion won’t burn). Now, bring two couples of tomatoes; wash it, and chop it well before you added it to the onion. Well, put a teaspoon of black peeper, tsp- salt, tsp-paprika, 3 big spoons of tuberous and parsley. After that, add your meatballs and let your tagine on a slow fire and add the green olives.

Remark: the meatballs tagine is instant so that, it could be the best option for fast-food lovers; however, meatballs tagine is healthier.          


Camel trekking is one of our activities

What is The Difference Between Beef Tagin with Prunes and The Marrakech Beef Tangia

Every city in Morocco has something in common, tagin for instance is widely used among the Moroccan families. However, Tangia is specified by Marrakech (or its part of Bahjawa; people of Marrakech). Indeed, Tangia is a Moroccan jar made of clay; the beef put inside with spices and 1 glass of water then it’s given to the city-baker who cook it on a hot coal. Generally, Tangia in Marrakech is for the weekend; and people of Marrakech prefer to meet as one group enjoying the Tangia in-between nature views.

The Moroccan Breakfast

If you have been ones in Morocco, you might know that Moroccans are in love with foods. Breakfast is not a normal meal for the Moroccans; however, if you attend a Moroccan breakfast, you may think it’s a lunch or occasional meal. Yet, tea is the head of Moroccan breakfast meal (the most essential drink), with Moroccan breed ‘khobz’, with sweet olive oil, green and black olives, butter, milk, coffee, and the eggs (either fried eggs or boiled eggs).

How Could the Moroccan Tea be Helpful to People’s Health?

Because of the herbal medicine, that are essential for every individual’s health, and which can be found in the Moroccan tea, you can get a strong and healthy body.

  • Its help and speed the weight-loss process because it consists some component medicine which help in burn up the calories.
  • It helps not having a hematopoiesis, and that’s because of the high percentage of potassium that we can found in tea; however, it consists a low percentage of sodium.
  • It helps the digestion process also decreases the stomachache.
  • Protects the body from heart disease and also, from the vascular disease.
  • Rids the body of all those toxins and impurities
  • It reduces the wrinkle
  • Reduces the cholesterol disease in the body
  • Reduces the possibility of having a cold or a flu.

How to Make a Moroccan Tea

  • The components:
  • 3 sticks of the spear-mint
  • 2 or 3 big glasses of water
  • 1 or 2 large spoons of green-tea
  • Sugar, accordingly
  • And the teakettle

The General Instructions and Steps You Should Follow to Get a Moroccan Tea

First step, you have to put the water on the jug and then, put it on fire until it boils. Wash the spear-mint very well and put it inside the teakettle, add the green-tea and sugar. Now, use the boiled water and pour it on the teakettle with the components and put it again on a slow-fire. When you see your tea starts boiling, take it, and put it in the tray with enough tea-cups. Finally, use the cup to turn over and over the green tea and then, you can enjoy your sweet Moroccan tea with your guest or alone.

Remark: because tea is used lot in Morocco, there are lots of restaurants serving the tea-tray after you finish your beef tagine with prunes.

Gazelle Horns or Kaab el Ghazal

Kaab el Ghazal is a crescent-shaped cookies made for the first time in Morocco. It is an almond paste with a flavor of orange flower-water and cinnamon is enclosed in a delicate pastry, molded in a mold to have a format of the crescent, and then baked until barely golden. A dip in orange flower water followed by a dusting of powdered sugar (is optional-in that case), the pastries are referred to as Kaab el Ghazal.

Usually, the cookies of Kaab el Ghazal are serving with a Moroccan tea. However, the best way for the Moroccans to welcome a guest or a foreigner is with asking him/her for a meal where Moroccan tea and Kaab el Ghazal are the head.

What Kind of Food you Should Eat as A Tourist in Morocco

As a visitor in Morocco, you would have a multi-different meal. However, the Moroccan traditional foods can be the best; for lots of reasons. First, since it’s your first time in Morocco so that, you may want to explore some of Moroccan’s qualifications and also, the Moroccan life style. Indeed, Moroccan cuisine is part of Moroccan culture where several recipes are traditional so that, you will enjoy the stories of some food while you are having a delicious recipe. Second, Moroccan cuisine is well recognized all over the world which means that serving food in Morocco is trusted. Also, it’s easy to access to all the information, you want to know about the Moroccan food (thousands of articles about the Moroccan cuisine are on the net). Third, it’s great to taste a different food than the one you used to eat; that make you aware of other cultural food. Finally, lot of Moroccan dishes are delicious but beef tagine with prunes is the sweetest recipe.

Moroccan Chicken Pastilla

Pastilla in Morocco is an occasional recipe or made for a specific traditional celebrity such as the Moroccan wedding ceremonies; also, it is known with other names: Bestila, Bisteeya or Bastilla. The main components of the Bestila are Warqa el Bastila ( Bastila’s paper made of dough) and the chicken. It is a delicious pie covered or spattered with a hint of sweetness from the sugar topping and almonds from the top. In Morocco, Warqa, a slightly thinner type of phyllo, is used to cover the pie. you can use the substituted instead of Warqa el Pastilla.

There are other types of Bastila but the most famous one besides chicken Bestila we can also found the Fish Bestila.

After reading the article, we would like to hear from you in comments your opinion about the beef tagine with prunes and the other Moroccan recipes. Also, if you would like to know about other things leave it in the comments so that, next article will be about it.